Top 10 Car Cameras in India

Are you looking for a device that can keep an eye on your vehicle and can be a lifeguard for the driver and passengers? Well if yes, then search no more here we are with top 10 dash cams in India.

To be precised, dash cams are fairly a new concept in India that offers to record and alerts the user about the vehicle and is installed in your four-wheeler for multiple benefits. Though it’s a new concept, there are chances that you get thugged-out by fake or shoddy products. To know better about what to look in a dash cam, we need to understand the types first:

GPS and Wi-Fi Enabled Recorders:

Most of them may not provide you with such a feature, but be careful, look for it as an important feature. For starters, it helps separate the rookies from the elite ones and also offers a big advantage in terms of connectivity during emergencies and optimizing memory.

Single or Multiple lenses:

Do you only want to document what’s in front of your windshield or do you care about what’s going on inside your car? Then you need a Dash Cam with multi-channel. A Multiple Channel Recorder gives you the advantage of providing angles, according to your needs (or according to your budget for pockets). When it comes to protect the vehicle from the inside, this seems to provide with an advantage over the others.

Top ten Dash Cameras / Car Cameras for Cars in India:

Since this device is a newer concept, very limited brands have stepped into the market with the top notch features. So let’s dive into the top 10 dash cams of India.

1. DDPAI Mini Car Dash Camera:

This dash cam comes with all advanced features and doesn’t have a screen. It has a compact design and is suitable for Indian Climate. The user can install the app and can download the video and other related data from library. It offers loop recording which overwrites the old footage with new footage when memory card storage is full.

2. 70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro 1944P HD Camera:

This dash cam has an inbuilt screen which helps you look at your gallery any time or if you want to change the settings. The device offers Time Lapse recordings, G-Sensor, 24 hour monitor option and even recording during parking. Other remarkable features include Wi-Fi, Loop Recording and night vision.

3. KENT CamEye:

This is a next-gen vehicle security device that has dual cameras to record everything that happens inside and outside the car. It is a NON-OBD plug and play device and gets it power through the 12V socket. It comes with built-in battery of 3000 mAh, which can be used when the car is in parked mode. It is designed in India keeping in mind the needs of Indian people. It offers time lapsed video recording along with the audio of the same. It even offers live video streaming along with the real-time location tracking of the same.  It provides data transfer through a 4G connection, and stores it on cloud storage for up to 90 days. It also has a 2-way calling feature that helps users to call the driver instantly to the device via their smartphone. It offers an Automatic stealth mode based on face recognition and offers recording even when the car is in no contact area and provides up to 24 hour battery backup.

4. AUKEY Dash Cam:

This is a very simple, lightweight and compact dash cam that offers 10 minutes of 1080p video. It can take up 1 GB of space and accommodates up to 128 GB of memory card storage. The device comes equipped with recording loop as well as recording emergency.

5. Blueskysea B1W WiFi Mini Dash Cam:

This is again a non-screen device and offers a voice confirmation when starting to record. The lens of this device is 360 Degree Rotatable so you can record both inside and outside of car as needed.

6. Novatek Car Camera DVR:

This device holds the patent for its sensors. It has separate assembly of two cameras and provides non-interference in recordings and easy file locking mechanism. The user can modulate between menus of recording with the simple touch panel. The device has 32 GB Auto Start-Off capable, G Sensor and No-Dead angle feature also support its ability to record at any position and at any angle.

7. SJCam SJ4000 12MP Wi-Fi Action Camera:

This is a dash cam cum action camera. This one’s a multi-purpose solution for adventure enthusiasts. It can work as a Water Sports recorder with 30 meters underwater resistance, image stabilization and has a wide angle of 170° for climbers and trekkers. The Camera has 32 GB Loop Recording Capacity, and has a high definition screen for replaying the videos.

8. Procus Convoy:

This device has both inside and on road recording. The device offers GPS and Wi-Fi and has a Gyro Sensor which helps greatly in image stabilization. The Procus Dash cam has Loop recording equipped with a 32GB flash memory.

9. Transcend Driver Pro 200:

The Transcend Driver Pro has the 7 layer lens and Infrared filtering that removes the fogging issue and helps in capturing the best of the shots. It even has Image Sensor and Low Light Sensitivity CMOS that offers 30fps and captures both inside and outside views of the car.

10. Alria Backup Dash Cam: 

This Dash Cam in India comes with belts and assembly parts for mounting the unit simultaneously on your rear view mirror where it splits conveniently into a magnified Rear View and 4.3 inch TFT Display. It has features like G-Sensor, Speaker for Playback options, 165° viewing angle, CMOS for low light recording, 350mAH Lithium Battery.

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