3 Fun Summer Activities To Do With Your Kids

Summer is coming and if you have children, you know that having fun activities planned is a must! With nice, balmy weather, it’s easy to find local or close by options for entertainment to keep your kids occupied for anywhere from a few hours to overnight or even for a long weekend. Now is the time to start gathering ideas with some summer activities so that when boredom hits, you have some plans in your back pocket ready to go.

1. Swimming

Not only will taking your kids for a dip cool them off and help to beat the Summer heat, it also provides hours and hours of excitement! The best part about going for a swim is there are a ton of options for locations to do so.

You or a friend or family member may conveniently have a pool but even if you do not, there are plenty of local community pools that typically allow guests to use. If there are no community pools in your area, try renting a low-cost hotel room at a nearby hotel that has a pool so you and your kids can have guest access to their hotel pool for the day.

Other excellent swimming options include local lakes and beaches where for typically a minimal to no cost, you and your kids can enjoy a day swimming outdoors and enjoying some spectacular nature views. For some ultimate relaxation while your kids are off swimming, bring yourself afloat or beach chair and soak in some sun or enjoy reading a favorite book or magazine. Don’t forget to pack a cooler with some refreshments and favorite snacks. Click here for a favorite pool snack mix recipe!

2. Camping

Camping has always been and will always be a family favorite! Whether you prefer glamping or camping, overnight or long weekend trip into nature is always a top activity to plan over the Summer months for you and your kids. You can stay close to home with all of your usual amenities and just simply pitch a tent in your yard or you can visit a campsite for a more traditional camping experience.

Most states have plenty of different campsite options to fit your needs that you can find with a quick online search. For example, if you live in the state of Virginia, with a quick search of, VA state park campsites, you can find the best cities for camping in the state, popular camping activities, the best camping and glamping in Virginia, and more.

From beaches to mountains, experiences can range from hiking beautiful trails, and fishing to indulging in national parks. Camping will provide a fun Summer activity for your kids and can teach them valuable life lessons and important survival skills that they can use for years to come. Cooking a delicious meal over a bonfire that was built by hand is an unforgettable experience that your kids will enjoy and cherish!

3. Picnic

This Summer, spend part of your day preparing for and having a picnic with your kids! Slice up some juicy watermelon, make some sandwiches, and pack some ice cream and beverages for the perfect picnic. You can enjoy a picnic in your backyard or pack a picnic lunch for the beach, lake, campsite, or park.

Depending on where you will be having your picnic, consider bringing a blanket or towel for the ground and an umbrella to create a little shade. Picnic pro tip especially if you are not having your picnic close to home, pack ice or ice packs in your cooler or bag!

Keep your drinks cold for hours and any items that can melt such as ice cream or ice pops intact as temperatures are high in most places throughout the Summer. A park where kids can play on swings or a jungle gym and then refuel with a picnic lunch is always the perfect spot to visit on a Summer day.


Summer activities with kids can be fun for adults too with just a little planning and sometimes a little research. From a picnic at a park to a long weekend at a campsite to swimming in your favorite place to splash around, the possibilities are endless like the Summer days seem to be!

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