Content Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Content marketing has changed the way small businesses grow. Many businesses hire a small business SEO company to do this. But do you know that you can do it on your own? Yes, a small business can do it on your own. However, before doing this you need to develop some skills. Some basic skills that a content marketing team uses. Maybe it is content writing, visual content production, etc.

So here we are sharing a few content marketing ideas. There are many ideas available for content marketing. But these specific ones are for small businesses. Also, you can try these ideas if you are a small business SEO company. So let’s start.

#1. Help With Posts

Everybody will recommend you to write more posts on your website or blog. But we recommend you to write posts that help your audience. Writing helpful posts will establish a strong connection with your business with the audience. Try to research what are the problems of your audience. Then try to solve those problems with the posts. You have to help people with posts. A small business SEO company sometimes fails to do it. Because it will focus on SEO tactics not on helping people.

#2. More Visual Content

Your content must include some visual elements. If you are writing long posts with more than 4000 words, then must add at least a visual after every 300 words. Visuals can be anything. Following are some common visual content ideas you can use.

  • Infographics
  • Images
  • Animations
  • Charts & Tables
  • Pie Chart
  • Video

#3. Video Marketing

Video marketing is a new technique that is growing rapidly. As a small business SEO company if you are not focusing on video marketing, then it is not good. Try using video marketing also. Pick some posts from your blog and try to convert them to videos. Now you will see a huge change in traffic.

#4. Engagement

Write more, add visuals, try video marketing, or do anything. But nothing will work without engagement. Nobody wants to read or watch content for more than a minute if it cannot engage them. Try engagement tactics. You can do it in many ways. The most common ways are as follows.

Solve Queries

Try to solve the queries of people. Announce that you are ready to solve queries in every post. You will see that people will ask more through comments. So it will increase engagement.

Ask For Suggestions

Many people see weak points in your business. Always accept the suggestion. Even ask especially for the suggestions. Feedback is not only good for your business. But also it will increase engagement.

#5. Contests

Only writing posts won’t help enough. You need to conduct some kind of contest through your content. Your contests will bring more traffic and more customers for you. A small business SEO company must add contests to its content marketing strategy. Following are some common ways to do it.


You can ask people that you are going to give away something with one of your products or services. Or you can ask them to share a post written by you to get some gifts.

Assign Tasks

Also, you can assign tasks to the customers in your posts. Ask them to share a post most, or fill a form. You can use these tasks for content marketing and give them some gifts in return.

#6. Social Media

Sharing your content on social media is a necessary thing for a small business SEO company. But you have to target the right audience on social media. Try to join some relevant Facebook groups.

#7. Free Ebooks Or Handbooks

You have written hundreds of posts on your website. Now you can compile all these posts to make some guides or tutorials. You can use digital tools like an ebook creator and send free ebooks to people.

Let’s Summarize!

There can be thousands of ideas you can use as a small business SEO company. But the most important thing is to focus on content quality. If you don’t have quality content on your website, then marketing won’t work. So try to hire some professional content management companies and get high-quality content for you.

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