5 Colleges with Great Speech Pathology Programs

Speech pathology is a great field for you to enter that is always in need if you are someone who wants to help others in feeling more comfortable speaking and in communication disorders. You can help people in swallowing, for instance, if they have a severe disability, or in their pitch or their talking abilities if they have a developmental delay.

You do have to receive a graduate degree at one of the best speech pathology schools in order to enter this field. You can find five of the best schools you can attend for this degree in the list that is found below.

1. Arkansas State University

The first school to consider is Arkansas State where you can consider their degree in speech pathology which is known as a Master of Communication Disorders. Most students who have graduated from this program have gone on to secure a career in the field that they are pursuing.

You receive hands-on training right at the Speech and Hearing Center, which even allows you to work with real patients who can visit for free. You can even pay the in-state tuition if you are able to keep your GPA up to a 3.0 or above while you are studying here.

2. Marywood University

Ar Marywood University, the degree path that you will pursue is literally called a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology. This school has a reasonable tuition rate that is sure to meet your needs, especially when you consider that Marywood is a private college.

You can choose to even go on a track that is five years long which gives you three years of professional experience that puts you on track for this in undergraduate school. You will stay with the same group of students throughout your entire studies so that you can network and help one another too.

3. Vanderbilt University

The name of the degree program at Vanderbilt University is also known as a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology. Vanderbilt is a private school, but it is one of the top research colleges in the entire country, with student statistics reflecting that.

As a graduate student, you receive first hand clinical experience due to the focus that is given on research through the hospital system that exists. You can even select the specific field that you want to work in within the greater speech pathology field so that you can assist the population you feel drawn to.

4. Bloomsburg University

Again, at Bloomsburg University, you can study a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology that has ASHA-CAA accreditation. You can focus on a variety of specialties when you enter this school which ranges from voice disorders to motor speech delays.

Previous students have stated that the best class you can take is the Clinical Instrumentation in Speech Pathology which is one of the first hands-on classes. You learn right away and get to practice right away in this class about nasometry and the effects on the voice and about videostroboscopy.

5. Calvin College

The final college to mention on this List is Calvin College with a Master of Arts in Speech Pathology. This school is a religious school, and they believe wholeheartedly in healing and in how important it is to learn ways to help others reach a place of healing.

The student body at this school is one of the strongest as they have one of the largest groups of students enrolled in the National Student Speech, Language, and Hearing Association. You can even secure an internship while at this school with one of a variety of organizations that exist in the same area.

Final Thoughts

There are so many career fields that you can enter with a degree in speech pathology, just as there are so many colleges to study at. Pursue your Masters’s degree at any of those listed above for the top experiences possible.

At any of these schools, you will receive firsthand knowledge from experts, hands-on experiences, and even clinical studies that you get to be a part of. Each one has its perks, so find the school that will best fit your needs to help you achieve your dream career.

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