Landing Page vs Homepage: 5 Strategic Differences

Your website can have a good online presence if it has a strong homepage and nice landing pages. These are basically parts of your digital marketing strategy. But how is a landing page different from a homepage? On comparing these two, we found that there is a difference in their traffic source, goals and the purpose. The landing pages are important when there are paid search ads. Here the items of your company will be searched by already interested viewers. Now I am going to give you the 5 strategic differences between landing page and homepage.


Converting a visitor into a lead is the goal of the landing page. So, it is important that its top contains the visible conversion forms. If you want to drive more conversions, then it is necessary for you to include a number of landing pages in your website. According to HubSpot, after including 10 to 15 landing pages in the websites, the businesses saw an increase in the leads to about 55 %.

On the other hand, helping the people visiting your site to pick an adventure for them, is the goal of the homepage. Among the choices given on the homepage, the people can pick an option. The options can include reading the pieces of content that are unique, and links for exploring several attributes. For providing the visitor an education in his journey, we use a homepage and we cannot use it for converting them.


Ranking for a keyphrase or keyword is possible if there is a dedicated content on the landing page. Your form can get sales-ready leads with the strategic targeting of this keyword.

On the other hand, for external and internal links, a central destination is your homepage. So, in spite of choosing a single keyword, ranking of a large number of keywords is possible.


Only one topic is considered under the content of the landing page. However, a large number of topics are considered under the content of the homepage. Only one topic can be explored by the landing page. But multiple topics can be explored by the homepage. A content that is targeted and compelling needs to be present in the homepage as well as in the landing page. Educating about the leads’ pain points and value is the homepage content’s goal. But, by offering someone like downloading a case study and then converting him, is the goal of the landing page’s content. So, it focuses on sales and not on educating about something or someone.


It is necessary to include a single main CTA in the landing pages. The same conversion will be driven if the landing page has some other CTAs. On the other hand, a number of CTAs can be present in the homepage. It is necessary that on your homepage, the content’s visible part contains the CTAs. For the prospective buyer, the CTAs can become more relevant if you do their dynamic personalization. For the buyers you can do testing messaging by using creative options that come under dynamic personalization. As an example, in an organization, by taking a buyer’s role into consideration, you can test messages.


A design template that is very easily recognizable is used in a landing page. At the top of the landing page, it is necessary to have a form, the conversation point’s sample or image, and a content that is explanatory. Basically, a design of two columns is used for these. It is possible that on your homepage’s top layer or in the form of a popup, a landing page is present. If for exploring the remaining website, an opt out option is given to the visitors then you can consider this design valid. On the other hand, in the form of web designs and different modules, you can show your creativity in your homepage. Your value proposition needs to be very clear. Also, if you want that when searching on the internet, more and more crawling of your homepage should occur then it becomes necessary for you to include sufficient number of content spots.

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