Missing person investigation – What types of cases should you seek a professional help to locate someone?

Has someone gone missing and now you want to find them or locate them?

Well, don’t lose hope as top sleuths of India can always help you with a missing person investigation – no matter whether the person is actually missing or is deliberately hiding for some reason.

Since all missing person cases are not alike, as while some are genuine in nature, there are obviously many intentional types where the act of missing is on purpose to avoid paying a debt or repay a loan.

Whatever is the cause behind a missing individual, whether it’s a case of absconding, elopement, long-lost contact or loan default, you can always expect a detective agency in Bangalore to gather solid evidence in such matters and prove a great help.

But yes, it is never that easy to find a whereabouts of a person who is missing as tracing them down involves a lot of work together with the support of a solid network. This is where a private detective Bangalore can help when it comes to tracing down even the most of elusive persons.

Here are four types of cases in which you can easily think of locating the missing person –

Actual Missing Cases

Actual missing cases are those where someone has gone out of radar due to reasons such as memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer or similar medical conditions. Similarly, such cases may also take the form of long-lost contacts, or missing children or missing young kids and often they take a lot of search and investigation. In such types of cases, it’s always apt to take help of an experienced private detective agency Bangalore and get solid evidence.

To crack actual missing cases, sleuths often rely on both their database and their on-field investigation and achieve success with even most    complex of cases. When a person has actually gone missing and you’ve not been able locate them for long, it’s always better to seek expert help in such matter.

Absconding Cases

Missing person cases can also involve search for criminals, outlaws, runways, fugitives and absconders. Sometimes even the police seek help a top private detective in Bangalore in their search for absconding cases. Since private detectives have advanced equipment and use the most up-to-date spy tools and gadgets, they find it a bit easier to track down on the run criminals.

In fact, absconding types of cases are such that both individuals and corporate houses seek help for solving crimes like fraud, cheating, loan default, forgery etc. To achieve success in such cases, it’s important to leverage a robust network, technology and groundwork and find the offender.

Elopement Cases

Cases of elopement are quite common where couples decide to flee and then marry in fear of the families or society. Sometimes either both persons go missing in elopement type cases or only one of couples is missing and their whereabouts is not known. And since there is always a social stigma attached with elopement cases and that’s why families avoid contacting the police, and this is where taking help of the best detectives in Bangalore seems valid.

To crack such cases, private detectives will often seek some of information from the family and then leverage their database and then go about on-field investigation. In fact, sleuths can solve elopement cases in India and sometimes in abroad as well to help clients.

Loan Defaulter Cases

Cases are quite common where people take loan and go missing. The police are regularly sought for skip tracing persons who are debt-laden yet untraceable. Since the police always have their hands full and their pace is slow, it’s always a good decision to trust a best detective agency in Bangalore simultaneously and speed up search and investigation in such cases.

You can always trust a private detective to locate loan defaulters whether they are hiding across India and have gone to some foreign locations. So, if someone owes to you or your organization or has defaulted on load and gone missing deliberately, you should never lose hope and take steps to finding them easily.


It’s quite obvious how a detective agency in Bangalore can prove to be a great help in missing person investigation and you can always trust their network and expertise for success in such cases.

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