Why Link Building Is Essential and How to Build a Healthy Link Profile

Creating quality content and publishing it on your website doesn’t mean it’ll automatically rank. To outrank more than 100 million sites on Google, you need to earn authority. And the perfect way to achieve this is by getting backlinks from authoritative websites.

What Are the Benefits of Link Building?

When the search engine begins crawling pages on the web, they index some of the content. As they perform this task, they can decide if the page has sufficient backlinks and keywords to rank or not. While great content is essential when it comes to web page ranking, your website is likely to rank higher on google if quality external links are pointing to specific pages of your site.

Other than ranking, link-building helps in building relationships with other businesses. You cannot create links without reaching out to other businesses and providing them with information about your business. Most companies build relationships with others through guest posting services. These services have increased by 112% since 2005, and more people are still using it.

Quality of links is another thing you should be keen on when increasing the authority of your website. Don’t just build links randomly without considering the effects they can have on your site. It’s a wise decision to have links from businesses or people you are in the same niche with. For example, if a page is talking about roofing, it would not be valuable when it gets external links related to clothing or cooking.

Expert Tips for Building Your Link Profile

The process of building a healthy link profile may take a couple of years but it’s worth the time. To kick start this process on top gear, make sure your website contains content that’s concise, compelling and 100% original, which web readers will find useful and informative. Here are a few ways in which you can get other people link to you:

Craft high-quality content: whether it’s a blog post, social media content, or web copy, creating compelling articles help you to get more shares and links. People often link to and reference valuable content.

Request people for a link: if you have relatives, colleagues, clients, or friends who own a website, do not hesitate to ask them for a backlink. This is an excellent opportunity to promote your site without digging deep into your wallet.

Keep building relationships: This is the best strategy to earn links. Always get to know people, maintain the friendship, keep checking on them and interact with everyone across the globe. As the relationship continues to thrive, you’ll end up getting links, especially if they are the right people.

Have a blog: To survive in today’s online environment, you must have a blog page to publish news or tips on a regular basis. The blog not only helps to educate, entertain and inform your audience, but it can be a great asset to attract more quality links.

Display your services or products where influencers can see them: You can get more links when influential people begin seeking your services or when they become your customers. So take advantage of all platforms where most influential people visit frequently.

Link building is a challenging yet powerful strategy to take your website to the next level. If you aren’t using this method, then you are missing a real deal. While it’s an uphill task to get links, don’t get tempted to buy links because these actions can destroy your site SEO entirely once Google catches you.

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