3 Best Tools to Add Instagram Widget on Your Website

Instagram was introduced as a photo-sharing app, but it soon became an influential social media platform due to its easy-to-use interface and appealing vibe. With around 1.074 billion users, it stands as one of the prominent social media platforms. How about bringing the same vibe to your website? Sounds interesting, right? And if you think this might be a time-consuming and complex process, then you are highly mistaken, in this blog we will be listing 3 tools that provide you an easy way to embed Instagram Widget on a website.

What is an Instagram Widget?

Before knowing about the tools, let’s understand some basics about Instagram widget. In simple terms, Instagram widget is the tool that helps you to display Instagram feeds on your website. In addition, many social media aggregators provide you with a dedicated Instagram widget that showcases Instagram content on your website with ease.

Businesses are actively embedding the Instagram widget on their websites as they add vibrancy to their website and make it look pleasing to the eyes. People usually prefer visiting a lively and colorful website as it enhances their browsing experience. And we all know, more audience means more chances of getting sales. Moreover, with the Instagram feed you even show the user-generated content related to your business and provide social proof of your brand to your visitors to increase your chance of attaining more sales.

Here are 3 best tools that help you in adding an Instagram widget to your website.

Tools to add Instagram widget on website

There are many tools in the market that allow you to embed the Instagram widget on your website. But we recommend these 3 tools as these tools are easily available on the internet and are very easy to use. In this list, we also mention some of the key features of these tools that might help you achieve your purpose.


In recent times, Tagembed has emerged as one of the most popular social media aggregator tools. The tool is known for its budget-friendly prices and various features which makes it an ideal tool. It simplifies the embedding process and automatically updates the feed with the latest uploads on the platform.


  • The tool is coding-free, and hence even if you don’t have any coding knowledge or skill, you can still embed the feed with ease as you have just to copy the embedding code and paste it on the backend of your website.
  • You can even personalize the feed as per your requirements with the customization option, as it allows you to change the font size, font style, background, and more.
  • With the help of the moderation feature, you can filter out all the unwanted and spam content from your feed and maintain the quality of your website.
  • It offers a budget-friendly FREE FOREVER plan with amazing features. Also, it provides a responsive feed that is compatible with any screen size, as it adjusts itself accordingly. Moreover, the feed showcases images, videos without affecting the speed of the website.
  • Analytics, Custom CSS and more


Snapwidget is another social media aggregator that collects Instagram feeds and embeds them on the website. It allows you to collect Instagram feeds using hashtags, mentions, etc. By embedding hashtags feed on Instagram, you can increase the beans awareness of your website.


  • You can select from many design widgets and layouts to customize your feeds as per your requirements and provide a professional look to your website.
  • It is compatible with various CMS website-building platforms, so even if you are looking to embed your feed on WordPress, it works fine there as well.
  • It updates the content automatically, although one of the drawbacks is that it takes little bit of time to update the feed.


Yotpo is quite a famous name in the field of visual marketing, referrals and SMS marketing. It also provides you the facility to embed Instagram feeds on your website. The tool helps you gain credibility in front of your visitors and eventually helps you attain more sales.


  • It provides an easy process to embed an Instagram widget on the website and provides a boost to UGC for your brand.
  • Provides great support, as dedicated managers help you with their expert advice.
  • It helps your customers in their buying decision by showcasing to them the social proofs related to your business.

Summing It Up

There is no doubt Instagram is an influencer marketing tool, it helps businesses to gain more audience and increase their reach beyond the local and geographical limits. Using Instagram for the marketing strategy is a smart choice, but often businesses restrict themselves as they limit the platform’s usage within the platform limits. By embedding the Instagram widget on the website, you can extract more benefits from the platform and provide an edge to your brand over your competitors.

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