Types of Carrara Marble Benchtops

Nowadays, many people want to have an aesthetic house that creatively represents some kind of art. Carrara marbles benchtop are bold and beautiful marbles that come with different qualities and types. Elevate your space with timeless elegance. Explore our exquisite Carrara Marble Benchtops for a touch of luxury and sophistication.

We may be aware that Carrara marbles benchtops are a little delicate and can get easy scratches. But they also make your home and kitchen look beautiful and elegant by changing the entire appearance of it. The type of marble which makes our home rich and visually fascinating is also affordable marbles.

Let us go through some types of marbles benchtops that you need to know.

White Carrara Marble Benchtops 

First of all, white Carrara marble is all about realism, subtlety, and depth. When you want to get Carrara marbles benchtopsin a white colour specifically, then achieve this type of authentic detail by layering and blending a base mix with some tints.

Hence, with the help of things like super white and artic pearl you can create the base mix. After this, they take some of the mixes and add some graphite and bronze shimmers to create the particular colour tone. Therefore, these marbles look shimmery when there is a mix of bronze shimmers and can make your Carrara marbles benchtops looks beautiful.

Veined Carrara Marble Benchtops

Secondly, trending and most talked about marbles are veined marble. We can have these types of marble in our kitchen,bathroom area, etc. A mix of grey and white Carrara marbles are super famous nowadays for having that they add such slight veins ever. Therefore, veined marbles form a beautiful wavy path on the Carrara marbles, making it even more fresh and bold.

Furthermore, marble also contains a combination of different colours, and various veins form on the marble to make it look bold and beautiful. Veined marbles are not as delicate as your white Carrara marbles. Also, they are pretty tough and look ravishing.

Cloud-LIKE Carrara Marbles Benchtops

One of the popular types of Carrara marbles benchtopsis cloud-like marble. Hence, the name of the marble defines the design of the marble. Cloud-like marbles are generally acceptable in sky blue colours to give that cloud-like feel, making our home look beautiful.

Hence, the cloud-like marbles are marbles which mainly designed on white marbles and form the path and are designed with sky blue colour. Nowadays, granite is also used as Carrara marble benchtops, which are tricky and non-scratchable compared to Carrara marbles. 

Calacatta Carrara Marbles Benchtops

Calacatta marbles, one of the types of Carrara marbles benchtopsoriginally came from Italy. Calacatta marbles are the type of marbles that have white fields, and designs which make the variation in the thecolour.

It is also said that Calacatta marbles are one of the most expensive marbles in Carrara marbles. However, despite being the most expensive marbles of them all, many people have them in their homes because it makes a home look like beautiful art.

Bardiglio Carrara Marbles Benchtops

Bardiglio marble is also originated from Italy. Also, there is so much buzz about this particular marble in the category of Carrara marbles benchtopsThe Bardiglio marbles are mainly used in bathrooms and on the floors and walls. Along with that, these marbles are mostly a combination of cloudy like marbles in a deep grey colour.

However, the Bardiglio marbles are significantly softer and relatively lightweight. They attract scratches very easily, therefore, it needs a bit of more attention and carefulness. Bardiglio’s name means having quite grey in the shade and bluish ground. Furthermore, marble also contains a combination of different colours, and various veins form on the marble to make it look bold and beautiful.


To make your home, office, or commercial area such as the restaurants or other kind of shops look aesthetic and beautiful, you can have various options in the marbles like White Carrara marbles, cloud-like marbles, Calacatta Carrara marbles, etc.

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